2.0 | What is Atrox Pandinus?

The Sector

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Retarus III

RIII is a largely inconspicuous planet producing mainly industrial machinery, shipping constantly to worlds holding higher position in the sector hierarchy.

The barren outlands of Retarus III

Much in the image of the Red Planet itself, the surface of RIII has been methodically and meticulously stripped of all resource, whether living or mineral. With the natural balance removed the wind laid claim to the planet, creating a harsh new landscape unforgiving to all but the most resilient or indeed foolhardy.

RIII is the first of the planets our commanders will fight over. The barren forgeworld setting gives scope for a range of environments to fight over. From the barren, rugged outlands to the inner circle of the primary forge – Our players must prepare themselves and their tactics for a myriad of hostile theatres of operation.

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