Event Specific Rulings and FAQ

Version 1.0 – 25/10/21

This page outlines any specific rulings and FAQ used at our events and was last updated on the date listed above. This document is considered a work in progress, and is subject to change based on situations and interactions that may arise at any one of our game sessions. If you have a query, or would like to see something added (or indeed changed), please contact the team at events@bigstompyrobots.club

Event Specific Rules and FAQ

  • The Latest FAQ (v1.2), available from Games Workshop is currently in use. Should a new FAQ or Supplement be released prior to an event, a decision will be made by the events team on whether it will be brought into play or not. 

List Composition

  • Battlegroups should be built using one or more of the available Titan Legios or Knight Households from any current Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook or Supplement. This includes creating a custom Crusade Legio. Allegiance should be included on your submitted list.
  • Crusade Legios must choose all Traits before the event and be included on any submitted army list. The latest FAQ at the time of the event will be used. 
  • Princeps Traits should be chosen prior to the event and submitted as part of the army list.

List Submission

  • Lists should be submitted to events@bigstompyrobots.club no later than 1 week prior to the event. Specific dates will be listed in the pack created for the event.
  • Should Games Workshop release any other rule altering document between event tickets going live and the list submission date, the submission date may be altered at the discretion of the events team.

House and Event specific rules

  • The Vortex Payload upgrade (Loyalist Legios, page 171) is NOT available.
  • Warbringer Carapace weapons are considered to have the “Corridor” Arc  (Traitor Legios, page 169).
  • Destroying Terrain (Core Rulebook, page 52) will NOT be used
  • Stray Shots (Core Rulebook, page 52) will NOT be used
  • Overloading Void Shields (Core Rulebook, page 52) and Power Transfer (Core Rulebook, page 52) MAY be used.
  • Stratagems should be chosen prior to each game starting and noted down in such a way that is visible to the Events team, but not your opponent. The following limitations will apply to Stratagem selection:
    • Vox-Blackout – if used in the First Round of the game, both players may still use any first turn Stratagems.
    • Dawn Attack / Dusk Attack – Players may only select ONE of these two Stratagems.
    • White Dwarf Stratagems are NOT permitted

Scoring and Tracking Victory Points

A results slip will be provided for each game of the event. At the end of the game, Victory Points for each player should be totalled up and entered on to the slip, clearly indicating the result of the match. Both players MUST sign the slip in order to confirm that they are happy with the result being submitted. This slip should then be handed to the events team. 

Match Points will then be allocated for a Win (3 Points), Draw (1 Points) and Loss (0 Points)

Rules Queries

Any rules queries that can not be solved by the players involved should be directed to the events team as soon as possible, where a decision will be made on how to proceed. A ruling made in this way will stand only for the current event and may be subject to change in any subsequent event.


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