Festive Fight Club 01

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Date(s) - 09/12/2021
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Battle Bunker


“The Forge World NothPolus is under attack!”

– Grand Princeps KlauSantus has called for aid. His homeworld, NothPolus is renowned throughout the Imperium for supplying the best equipment to those it deems worthy, however their incumbent Legio – ReinDar, the Gift Givers, have fallen foul of the Arch-heretics Legio Grinchus, the Humbugs, and fear they can no longer defend the Festivus System alone! Should you answer the call, and prove yourself worthy, KlauSantus will gift you beyond all others. Good Luck, Princeps!


Festive Fight Club is a 1 night event, played at Battle Bunker over three 60 minute rounds with a 750pt list. The first round will randomly pair players. Subsequent round pairings will use the swiss system and match players where possible based on allegiance.

—++Scoring and Tracking Victory Points++–

A results slip will be provided for each game. At the end of the game, Victory Points for each player should be totalled up and entered on to the slip, clearly indicating the result of the match. Both players MUST sign the slip in order to confirm that they are happy with the result being submitted. This slip should then be handed to the events team.

Match Points will then be allocated for a Win (3 Points), Draw (1 Points) and Loss (0 Points)

—++Event Specific Rules and FAQ++–

Specific restrictions and FAQ are under discussion.


Where possible, please confirm your attendance to events@bigstompyrobots.club by the 6th of December as this is when we will be booking tables at the venue.

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