Tuesday Night Gaming

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Date(s) - 24/05/2022
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Croxdale Community Centre


Welcome to Durham Raiders. We are a gaming club set in the North East of England that practices multiple gaming systems from Warhammer to Batman to X-wing and many more. We are open to all ability levels and can even run beginner sessions for anyone looking to get into the hobby we love.


We are a friendly local group with a warm welcome for new members. With around 20 active members, ours is a vibrant community where there is always an opportunity to get involved in something new. We play pretty much any kind of wargame, in any period or scale, and our huge collection of scenery, stored at the club, makes possible anything from a small skirmish to the grand battles that could never be fought on your dining room table. With two rooms, comfortable seating and a kitchen, the needs of members are well catered for. We offer a player matching on our facebook page to ensure that you know your coming down for a game. For more detail on the kind of games we play go to our gamers and players page.


At the club we have a huge store of terrain and scenery for members to use. No one needs to bring their own as pretty much any era, battlefield, terrain or objective can be recreated from our stocks. Boasting 4 Realm of Battle Boards as well as gaming matts, custom trench boards and more we believe its great terrain that helps make a great game.

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