It’s great to be back….

…rolling dice and killing engines!

Yesterday (20/05/21) was our first night back at Battle Bunker in over a year! With lockdown restrictions still in place, we had 5 players across 2 tables. Steven and Jonathan played what looked like a ‘to the death’ engagement on Table 1, whilst Tony and Dave faced off in a ‘capture the flag’ style encounter. Both games were played in the 700-1250 point bracket. Stu took on the role of ‘rules and pics guy’ for the night 🙂

I think in the main, we got most of the rules right but I guess that will come back with time. Most importantly everyone had fun and lots of engines were killed (either intentionally or by cascading system failures of ever increasing intensity!)

Battle Bunker - 20.05.2021

Takeaways from the night

  • 1250 points is a nice size to play in a couple of hours
  • We need to add some LOS blocking terrain big enough for Warlords
  • Melta Cannons can be lethal (especially when they scatter back onto the titan that fired them)
  • Titan Drop Pods, big as they are, can still miss the planet altogether
  • Dice can never be trusted
  • The Open War Deck is a great addition to the game

Next Game Night

We’re booked in to Battle Bunker from 6PM again next Thursday – 27/05/21. It’ll be another night of pick-up games, sticking to the 700-1250 point bracket. See you then 🙂

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