More Robots, and a Psi Titan

Thursday night (03/06/2021), saw another influx of big stompy robots striding across the wartorn landscape of Battle Bunker. It’s worth noting that we jumped up to the 1750pt bracket this week

On Table 1 Stu took on Russ, seeing a Xestobiax Lupercal Maniple supported by a Psi Titan take on a fully loaded Precept Maniple in a diagonal face-off across the battlefield with the aim being to purge the enemy from the legio’s battle lines.

Table 2 Dave and Brad played a stand-up fight seeing The Umbral Stalkers take on The War Griffons of Legio Gryphonnicus in a bitter fight to the death

On Table 3, Tony and Stephen took a break from Robots, instead getting some practice in for an upcoming Age of Sigmar Tournament

Battle Bunker - 03.06.2021

Takeaways from the night

  • When Psi Titans get their orders reliably, they are worth every point spent on them
  • When a Psi Titan is too close to fire it’s carapace Gatlings, DO NOT push it backwards with a Quake Shell!
  • “Overloading Void Shields” is a hell of a drug!
  • Gatling Cannons are quickly becoming part of the META within the group. I blame Tony
  • Dave has a Reaver. That Reaver has a reputation. The reputation is well deserved!
  • We still need some BIG terrain

Next Game Night

We’re booked in to Battle Bunker from 6PM again next Thursday – 10/06/21. It’ll be another night of pick-up games, in the 1250-1750 point bracket. We also have the big table booked so depending on numbers we may run a team game on it. It’s probably worth having lists at 1000, 1250 and 1750pts planned, so that we can make sure everyone is playing. See you then 

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