More robots on the table…..

…and some planes too!

Thursday (27/05/21) was the second Titanicus night at the Bunker. Still playing at the 700-1250pt level, we had three tables running. Stuart’s Xestobiax engaged Tony’s Tempestus, Stu and Sarah(?) faced off with their Solaria and Crucius and Dave’s Tenebris opened up against Russ’s custom Legio. Thanks to Jus at the bunker for getting some more Titanicus scenery on the tables for us. It definitely helps for the narrative to be fighting over in-scale environments.

All of the games wrapped up fairly quickly, so Stephen was able to demo Aeronautica for a few people too. Definitely something that we’ll be exploring more as a playgroup

Battle Bunker - 27.05.2021

Takeaways from the night

  • A Gatling Warlord is brutal if you setup in front of it with no cover (foolish Stu!)
  • The movement options on a Corsair Maniple are absolutely mental!
  • The desire for an Imperator model is most definitely there!
  • Titanicus and Aeronautica look and work so well together
  • Aeronautica will most definitely play a part in our narrative campaign. Watch this space

Next Game Night

We’re booked in to Battle Bunker from 6PM again next Thursday – 03/06/21. It’ll be another night of pick-up games, moving up to the 1250-1750 point bracket. See you then 🙂

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