One Big Game

Thursday night (10/06/2021), a great number of engines strode forth across the arid surface of the Battle Bunker. Real life hit us hard this week and we had a couple of drop outs, so we did something a bit different.

On Table 1 Stu and Dave – fielding Xestobiax and Tenebris took on Russ and Adam’s custom Legios, whilst Sean watched over the battlefield. It’s worth noting that this was Adam and Sean’s first night (and I think first game out?), so we took things slow in a pitched ‘to the death’ battle and took the opportunity to talk through the rules, concepts and various decision points that the game has.

On Table 2, Tony and Stephen took a break from Robots, instead getting some practice in for an upcoming Age of Sigmar Tournament

Takeaways from the night

  • Warp Missiles can be hit and miss – although tonight was more miss than hit!
  • Warhounds can AND WILL survive a chain fist TO THE FACE, and a Melta Cannon AT POINT BLANK!
  • Daves Reaver still did ‘HIS THING’
  • The Terminal App on Apple works, and saves a lot of space, but at least for me (Stu) I think I prefer the physical terminal approach. I do have another couple of apps that I’d like to try though – watch this space!
  • Warhounds in a squadron can be lethal
  • Turn 3 is still the turn where ‘those moments tm start to happen
  • 2000 pts is definitely do-able in a Thursday night session. Something to think about as the format of the game nights develops.

Next Game Night

We’re booked in to Battle Bunker from 6PM again next Thursday – 17/06/21. It’ll be another night of pick-up games, in the 1250-1750 point bracket. We should have the big table booked so depending on numbers we may run a team game on it. It’s probably worth having lists at 1000, 1250 and 1750pts planned, so that we can make sure everyone is playing. See you then.

We’ve put a table booking thread on Facebook to help people arrange games. Hope it helps.

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