So Many Games

Thursday night (24/06/2021), was a busier night again at Battle Bunker.

Table 1 saw Jonathan face off against Sean, with a custom confronting Mordaxis

On Table 2, Adam faced off against Tony in a pitched objective battle.

Table 3 saw Stu face off against Stu – Xestobiax (playing as Crucius) versus Solaria – There can be only one (Stu)!

Next Game Night

We’re booked in to Battle Bunker from 6PM again next Thursday – 01/07/21. It’ll be another night of pick-up games, in the 1250-1750 point bracket. It’s probably worth having lists at 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 and 1750pts planned, so that we can make sure everyone is playing. See you then.

We’ve put a table booking thread on Facebook to help people arrange games. Hope it helps.

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