Spreading the word of the Cult Mechanicus

***PENDING RELEASE*** Last Friday, I had a cracking chat with Michael over on the Hobby Studio Podcast. For those that don’t know Michael, he’s one part of the team behind the Edge of Empire Podcast, discussing the Horus Heresy era in the Games Workshop Warhammer Timeline. Their main focus is the 28mm game, although they do also talk Titanicus and are well worth a listen. Michael has recently started the Hobby Studio as a way of discussing gaming in a much broader way and is aiming to put out episodes that are around an hour long, touching on 3 different games per episode. Previous episodes have covered games including Bloodbowl, Bolt Action and Aeronautica Imperialis as well as touching on more fundamental hobby topics like Contrast Paints, List building and PaintSlam2021

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – it was my first time ‘podcasting’, and the first time I’ve spoken in public (in a roundabout kind of way) for a long long time. We covered a fair few things from almost pre-historic cogitators through to what I consider the ‘third player’ in the game, and touched on the various ways to get into the game and where I thought (perhaps optimistically) that the game is headed. One thing that I have realised is that I can get very ‘confusiastic’ given the opportunity, but I guess that is the nature of the Beast (or Robot in this case). Titanicus has this knack of drawing you in to the world, something that we also talk about during the show.

I’d like to say thanks to Michael for giving me the chance to talk Titanicus and our plans for the community from here on in. Hopefully we can get together again and talk more, maybe with a bit more focus from my side 🙂

For anyone interested, you can find the episode [here], along with links to listen and subscribe to keep up with what’s going on in the Studio.

As a sidenote, and something for future consideration – would a BigStompyRobots / AdeptusTitanicusNEUK podcast be something that people would be interested in (whether listening or participating)? It would definitely be a learning experience for me, but it would be interesting to get your thoughts?

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