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Legio Tenebris – The Umbral Stalkers are a minor legio hailing from a backwater system in the Ghoul Stars, their engines numbering so few they fell well below the classifcation of Tertius-grade legio upon rediscovery during the great crusade. The surface of their planet inhospitable to even god-engines, the inhabitants of Incoendius were forced to dig deep for shelter and mineral wealth, Legio Tenebris defending the populace from hostile megafauna in constant, brutal, subterranean warfare. The attrition caused by such incessant, grinding conflict meant the legio was never able to muster more than 40 engines spread amongst many classes, but with reintegration with the imperium and the subsequent extermination of the xenos threat on homeworld, Legio Tenebris eagerly anticipated reinforcement from Mars as they joined the great crusade.

Alas this was not to be, as Legio Tenebris was accidentally mis-classified as a Secondus-grade legio, causing them to be assigned to warzones and expedition fleets requiring a much stronger engine complement than they were able to provide. As a result, the legio was forced to engage in underhanded tactics in order to succeed, utilizing ambushes, hit and run attacks and terror tactics over more conventional doctrine, earning them disdain and contempt from their fellow legios and the forces they served alongside. Over time the legio began to relish the effects their strategies had on friend and foe alike, the depths they sank to with their shameless strategies earning them high praise from the 8th Legion Astartes after serving alongside them for several campaigns. With each engagement they undertook, the horrors they committed mounted and it became increasingly clear to onlookers that these atrocities were no longer done out of pragmatism, but perverse enjoyment. With the influence of the Night Lords and their steady descent into depravity, Legio Tenebris’ trajectory was set and few were surprised when the Umbral Stalkers sided with Horus on the advent of treachery.

Dave Purves
How long have you been playing tabletop games
About 25 years
Tell us a bit about your gaming history
Started with the warhammer 40k 2nd Ed Box, swiftly followed by Gorkamorka, Necromunda, Epic (2nd ed.) and anything that caught my erratic attention.
Why Adeptus Titanicus?
Since I saw their art in the early 40k rulebooks (the warhound art in particular) I have always loved the style and concept of the titans. I never got to play the original AT but loved how they played in epic and therefore was keen to just play a titan focussed game.
Which Legio(s) / Knight House(s) did you choose, and why?
I really wanted to make the Legio and Household I play my own so I went for a homebrew legio/household. I’ve always loved the Night Lords, both in lore and colour scheme but ADB’s book trilogy on them cemented them as my fave legion. I was inspired by the relationship between the World Eaters and Legio Audax and thought that a Legio modelled on the Night Lords would be pretty cool, not to mention I just like that scheme a lot. I haven’t named or thought up any fluff as of yet for the knights but I have some ideas.
Do you have a website or Social Media presence?
@platypus_paints on instagram
@Platypus.Paints on facebook

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