Walk Beyond the Wall 01 – Standard Ticket


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Walk Beyond the Wall 01 is the first of our Titanicus Events. 3 games of AT, using scenarios based on the Open Engine War card deck, focussing on a fun, friendly day of rolling dice and shouting ‘Engine Kill’ with like-minded people.

Event pack is available for download here. If you require an alternate format, please contact events@bigstompyrobots.club.


The Event will be held on the 27/11/2021.


The Event is priced at £10.00 per player


We are initially capping the event at 10 players. Should the number of ticket sales hit the cap, we will open up additional slots based on player interest.


This event is being hosted at Battle Bunker

Battle Bunker
206 Roker Avenue

What you need to bring

Players are expected to bring everything they need to play Adeptus Titanicus with their chosen force. This includes: models to accurately represent your chosen force, all rules+terminals+tokens+templates required by your force, dice+tape measure as needed, glue/tools in case of damage(optional).

Battlegroups should be built using any of the available Titan Legios or Knight Households from any current Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook or Supplement. This includes creating a custom Crusade Legio. Crusade Legios should choose all Traits before the event and these be included on any submitted army list. The latest FAQ at the time of the event will be used. 1750pt lists should be submitted to events@bigstompyrobots.club no later than 24/11/2021. Should Games Workshop release the Traitor Legions supplement or any other rule altering document before the 24/11/2021, the submission date may be altered.


Timings are subject to change based on participant numbers and restrictions on the venue

Sign in / Registration 09:00am
Game 1 09:30am 1750pts / 2hrs30
Break 12:00pm
Game 2 12:30pm 1750pts / 2hrs30
Break 15:00pm
Game 3 15:15pm 1750pts / 2hrs30
Awards & Close 17:45pm


Awards will be decided dependent on number of attendees, but may include any / all of the following:

  • First, Second and Third place overall
  • Best Painted Army
  • Favourite Game / Sportsmanship Award
  • Hero of the Imperium / The Warmaster’s Finest / Bastion of Independence.

Additional Notes

Full details of the event including any rules clarifications and house rules will be provided in the event pack. The judging criteria for any painting prizes is currently under review.

For any queries, please get in touch


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