Walk Beyond the Wall – The Aftermath

Saturday (27th November ’21) saw us run the first of our Titanicus events. To say it’s been an eye opener is an understatement, but based on my experience running LAN gaming events, I’m fully expecting the lessons we learned to come to the fore as we start our planning for 02 and beyond, but more on that later.

The Chaos gods played their hand early in the weekend, unleashing the full force of storm Arwen upon the North East. Our venue Battle Bunker was hit hard, losing signage and lighting from the car park, but thankfully no one was hurt. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. Unfortunately, the weather and other ongoing issues impacted our numbers, reducing the number of battlefields in play from 5 to 4. 

Players fought as individuals over the day, vying to claim a foothold for their Legio on the planet that will become the stepping off point for our ongoing narrative. Each sector had a predefined combination of objectives for each player, and every round saw players challenged on a sector they had not yet played. Our players could  expect to fight over the following sectors of our as yet unnamed planet.

  • The City of Los C’an
  • The Aernall Expanse
  • The Carthell Reclamation
  • The Jarkan Wastes
  • The Straits of Gelidus (Held in reserve due to numbers)
The City of Los C’an
Los C’an is a vital Staging ground for the next offensive

Once the epicentre of the vast Northern Sector, Los C’an stands as a shattered reflection of its former self. Blackened and burnt by the fires of war, it continues to hold supreme strategic importance to both sides. Whichever side holds the once untouchable ‘Emperors City’ has the key to dominating the Northern Sector

Primary Objective – Death and Destruction
Secondary Objective – Plant the Standard / Cut off the Head 
The Aernall Expanse
The Basalt towers of Aernall are a vital supply line

The Aernall Expanse is home to a vast array of subterranean cities and industrial outposts. Rich in mineral deposits and capable of surviving near any surface-side cataclysm, the Expanse and the surrounding cavern network would form a near impenetrable base of operations for our Western Deployment. Deploy your Battlegroup and take control of the Expanse.

Primary Objective – Seize and Hold
Secondary Objective – Expedient Strike / Seize the Quadrants

The Carthell Reclamation
We lost Carthell to the Jungle, we must keep it from the Enemy

The forest region of Carthell once played host to the rich and powerful. Nestled deep within the region, the single city stood as an outpost amongst the remaining wilds of the planet. Carthell was known as the City of Dreams, where anything was possible if you had the wealth or influence. Steeped in their own Hubris, or blissfully unaware –  the inhabitants ignored the slowly encroaching megafauna staking claim to the City. Years later, seemingly deserted by the Imperium, we are still detecting signs of life within the walls of the City. The Vaults of Carthell could prove vital to our war effort. Deploy your battlegroup and secure the city for our Research Teams

Primary Objective – Wrath and Ruin
Secondary Objective – Hold the Line / Honour Duel
The Jarkan Wastes
The Pride of the Legio is at stake. DO NOT FAIL

Princeps! This is not a drill! The God Engine ‘Superial Aeterna’ calls for aid. A victim of hostile sabotage, the engine and it’s crew stand immobile, systems inoperable deep in the Jarkan Wastes. Repair Teams are on site, but a heavy mobilisation of enemy engines has been detected on mid-range scans. Deploy your battlegroup immediately and defend the Aeterna at all costs. The Engine and it’s crew must be brought home safely!

Primary Objective – Acquisition
Secondary Objective – Make them Suffer / Preserve the Past
The Straits of Gelidus (Held in reserve due to numbers)
A bitter confrontation in the ice wastes of Gelidus

Far in the south, thermal conduits deep below the Strait of Gelidus provide over 80% of the energy used by the Manufactorums located far north of the frozen Tundra. An enemy battlegroup has been detected walking towards the Primary Access Facility. You must ensure that Gelidus does not fall into enemy hands. Engage the enemy as they pass through the expanse known locally as the Li’que

Primary Objective – Chokepoint
Secondary Objective – Secure Ground / Pride in Precision

Players would also be fighting for the honour of becoming the inaugural holders of the following titles

  • Legend Beyond the Wall – 1st Place overall
  • Master Beyond the Wall – 2nd Place overall
  • Novitiate Beyond the Wall – 3rd Place overall
  • Initiate Beyond the Wall 
  • Spirit of the Legio – Most Sporting Player
  • Artisan Beyond the Wall – Best Painted Player

Round One

01.01 | Leigh vs Stu on The Jakarn Wastes
01.02 | Dave vs Tony on The Aernall Expanse

Round 1
PlayerVictory PointsEngine KillsMatch Points

Round Two

02.01 | Stu vs Dave on The Carthell Reclamation
02.02 | Leigh Vs Tony on Los C’an

Round 2
PlayerVictory PointsEngine KillsMatch Points

Round 3

03.01 | Stu vs Tony on Los C’an (using the mission from Gelidus)
03.02 | Dave vs Leigh on The Carthell Reclamation

Round 3
PlayerVictory PointsEngine KillsMatch Points

Final Results

Totalling the scores from all three rounds, the overall results were as follows:

TotalsAverages per Game
PlayerVictory PointsEngine KillsMatch PointsVPEKMP
  • 1st  – Stu
  • 2nd – Dave
  • 3rd – Tony
  • 4th – Leigh
  • Best painted Legio – Leigh with his fantastic Gryphonicus Titans

Thanks to everyone for taking part and making the event a pleasure to run, and the sponsors who helped make the four new tables a reality. Thanks also to Jus @ BattleBunker for hosting and giving us the freedom to run the event in the spirit we intended. I’m also writing up my thoughts on the event from an Admin point of view. Things that went well, things that didn’t and things that I’d like to do differently next time. As you can imagine, there is a lot to go through and think about. As soon as I get things compiled sensibly, I’ll post them here 🙂

Our next event – and last for this year – will be Festive Fight Club running at BattleBunker on Thursday 9th December from 6pm. 3 Rounds of Titanicus with 750 point limit and a 60 minute game timer – something a little bit different in the run up to the holidays. For more information, check out the event page on Facebook.

Finally – we’re currently planning dates for Walk Beyond the Wall 02 and 03, along with stand alone events with 2 new partner venues. Watch this space for more information. 

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2 thoughts on “Walk Beyond the Wall – The Aftermath

  • December 6, 2021 at 9:43 am

    Thanks Stu, looking forward to the write up. Wish I’d taken notes during the games.

  • December 6, 2021 at 5:03 pm

    What a great day that was! Was well worth navigating the warp storm outside for it!


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